Summer Camps: Phoenix Flute Edition

Every summer Phoenix hosts flute events that are not to be missed! We have 3 awesome flute camps nearby with renowned guest artists. These camps are a fun way to build your chamber music skills in small flute ensembles; improve foundations like tone, musicianship, and breathing; and to learn new practice techniques! Come spend a few days at any of these camps and you’ll be practicing with renewed inspiration and dedication!

All ages and levels

Arizona Flute Society Summer Camp

July 10-13, 2019

Amy Likar (Oakland Symphony and certified Alexander Technique instructor), Jenna Daum (Grand Canyon Univ. and Acting Second Flutist of the Phoenix Symphony)

Grades 9-12 and adults

MCC Summer Flute Project

June 17-22, 2019

Guest artists: April Clayton (Brigham Young Univ.), Viviana Cumplido Wilson (Principal of the Phoenix Symphony), Brian Gordon (Associate Principal of the Phoenix Symphony)

Grades 6-12

Musician Enrichment Foundation/Mellis Flute Camp

July 15-19, 2019

Guest artists: Carol Mellis (Founder of MEF), Rachel Mellis (Classical Revolution LA), Stephanie Hoeckley (Phoenix College)

Be sure to check out these amazing events! They are wonderful learning opportunities and can keep you encouraged to practice over the summer!


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