Arizona Flutists at the 2019 National Flute Convention

Arizona is filled with amazing flutists that will be performing at National Flute Convention in Salt Lake City next week! From flute choirs, to chamber music, to solos and competition performances, I am proud that our passionate Arizona flutists are everywhere.

Don’t miss out on these fantastic performances with the help of this comprehensive list of performers and recitals!


9-10 am, Ballroom AC: Riki Cleveland, Annual Meeting and Opening Orchestra Concert (Great Salt Lake Flute Orchestra)

12:15 pm, Ballroom B: Supriya Weiss, High School Soloist Competition

12:30-3 pm, Ballroom G: Abby Simpson Puckett, Piccolo Orchestral Audition and Masterclass Competition with Peter Verhoyen (specific time TBD)



2-3 pm, Ballroom J: Brian Luce and Alan Tomasetti, Susan Milan Tribute

5:45-6:45 pm, Ballroom J: Lee Chivers, Nancy Shortridge Sowers, Christine Harper, Deena Reedy, and other friends, colleagues, and former students, A Musical Tribute to Philip J. Swanson

Program’s emcee and coordinator: Gwen Powell

7-7:45 pm, Abravanel Hall Lobby: Desert Echoes Flute Project, Pre-Gala Lobby Concert

10-11:30 pm, Ballroom AC: Brian Luce, Friday Cabaret



9-10 am, Ballroom F: Christina Steffen, Flute Choir Reading Session

11:30 am-12:30 pm, 251 AD: Elizabeth Buck, Duos Elevated

7-7:45 pm, Abravanel Hall Lobby: Flutefinity (University of Arizona flute choir), Pre-Gala Lobby Concert



9-10:15 am, Ballroom AC: Stephanie Hoeckley and Nayoung Ham, Au-Dela du Temps by Yuko Uebayashi, Chamber Music Summit 3

9:30-10:30 am, Ballroom F: Linda Bailey, NFA Professional Flute Choir

11-12 am, South Lobby: Riki Cleveland, Amateur Flute Choir

4-6 pm, Ballroom AC: Linda Bailey, NFA Professional Flute Choir AND Riki Cleveland, Low Flute Choir Closing Ceremonies



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