About the Studio

The Colorful Clef Flute Studio is an innovative studio that uses creativity, practice skills, and fun to help you reach your flute goals!

Based in a convenient, centralized location near the 101 and 60, the Colorful Clef Flute Studio is easily accessible from Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa, and is a short drive from Scottsdale and Phoenix. This active flute studio is all about making music as fun and engaging as possible with lots of musical opportunities available to students!

A few ways the Colorful Clef Flute Studio is different than other studios:

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Learn more about Stephanie Hoeckley here!

Are You a Good Fit for the Studio?

This is an inclusive and diverse studio, and I love working with all kinds of people!

I primarily accept students who are passionate about playing the flute and are willing to put in the time and effort to practice and improve! Time management and practice skills are necessary to grow, so I spend time teaching students these skills in lessons. It is up to students (and parents) to put in the practice time at home between lessons!

I specialize in teaching students who are preparing for a career in music or wish to study music in college, but you do not need to plan to be a music major to be in the studio.

Please contact me for a free trial lesson to determine if we are a good fit!

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Studio Recitals and Awards Ceremony:

The Colorful Clef Flute Studio hosts two recitals each year where students can gain valuable experience performing solos and chamber music! It’s a great opportunity to perform for friends, family, and a supportive, encouraging audience. In lessons, students will learn about stage presence, performance etiquette, and how to manage performance anxiety. We practice putting these skills into action in the studio recitals!

After the Spring Showcase Recital, there is a spirited Awards Ceremony, where students and their families get together and celebrate their accomplishments with food and fun! Prizes will be awarded, and the Grand Prize Raffle Drawing will be picked randomly from raffle tickets students have earned throughout the year for their hard work and accomplishments.

What to Expect in Lessons:

  • Positive Environment: Expect the highest level of compassion towards students. I do not believe in fear tactics, criticism, or creating a negative environment. I believe students make the most progress when they are kept engaged with a healthy challenge, inspiration, and praise that they legitimately earn.
  • Honesty: Critiques are necessary to improvement, but I will always be honest, kind, and encouraging, with the student’s best interests at heart.
  • Creativity: Each student is a unique individual, and how they learn best will vary, too. I use creative, individually tailored lesson plans to teach students with the most effective means for them.
  • Practice Guidance: Practice is 100% necessary to improve on an instrument. I will give you lots of practice tools and tips, but it is up to you to put in the time and use them. We can always work together to figure out how to fit in the right amount of practice for you to improve.

Fun Incentives:

Thee Colorful Clef Flute Studio has all kinds of fun events and incentives! Each month has a new theme or challenge, and many of them involve earning raffle tickets for the end-of-year Grand Prize Raffle drawing. Some ways you can earn raffle tickets:

  • Take part in the music challenges by practicing your scales and turning in practice logs
  • Earn the honor of becoming Student of the Month
  • Log the highest number of practice hours in the studio each month!

Free Bring-a-Buddy Classes:

The Colorful Clef Studio offers free studio perks called Bring-a-Buddy classes! These are free group classes on valuable music topics and are designed to expose students to new music and topics in an interactive setting. Bring a flute friend (or two!) for free so they can see what the Colorful Clef Flute Studio is all about!

Classes may cover topics such as: Performance anxiety, how to prepare for auditions, practical music history and theory, extended techniques (like beat boxing), historical flutes, ensemble skills, and more!

Studio Add-Ons:

I also offer educational experiences beyond individual lessons! We can maximize your musical knowledge with these studio add-ons:

  • Group Flute Lessons for 2 Players: More affordable rates as cost is split between families
  • Studio Flute Choir/Chamber Ensembles: Students are encouraged to participate in the studio flute choirs and chamber ensembles! These groups perform in the community for extra performance experience.
  • Chamber Group Coaching for Up to 5 Players: I am happy to coach your duo, trio, quartet, or quintet of any instrumentation!
  • Lessons with an Accompanist: Stephanie will travel to the accompanist’s location of choice. Perfect when preparing for solos, auditions, or performances.
  • Group Topic Classes: Want to learn more about a specific topic like music theory, audition/performance success, ensemble/chamber music skills, repertoire, music history, or body awareness? Let’s get a group together and cover everything you’d like to learn! All instruments welcome.
  • Refer a new student and receive 50% off one entire month of lessons!

Looking to the Future:

Thanks for reading about these exciting opportunities, I hope you’re inspired to get started at the Colorful Clef Flute Studio! Please contact me for a free trial lesson!Webp.net-resizeimage



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